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​Amendments to 201 KAR 9:270 have been filed and are pending.  A summary and the regulation may be accessed on the LRC website. ​​​​

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311.540 Meetings -- Officers -- Compensation.
311.545 Contract with other state agencies -- Records -- Annual report to
311.550 Definitions for KRS 311.530 to 311.620 and 311.990(4) to (6).
311.555 Legislative declaration of policy -- Standards for judicial review.
311.560 Prohibition against practice of medicine or osteopathy without license -- Exceptions.
311.565 Powers and functions of board -- Fees -- Fines -- Guidelines and
311.566 Restrictions on board's requirements for licensure.
311.571 Qualifications for licenses -- Exception in extraordinary
311.572 Order to show cause -- Hearing.
311.575 Issuance and cancellation of temporary permit -- Notice --
311.580 Forms of licenses and permits.
311.586 Report to board of physician's address -- Notice of change of
311.590 Falsification of statement, forgery of documents, dishonesty, fraud,
311.591 Inquiry and hearing panels -- Grievances -- Review by inquiry panel --
311.592 Emergency order suspending, limiting, or restricting license --
311.593 Judicial review of orders of board.
311.594 Probation or indefinite restriction or limitation-- Inquiry relating to
311.595 Denial, probation, suspension, or revocation of licenses and permits.
311.597 Acts declared to constitute dishonorable, unethical, or
311.5975 Duty of treating physician utilizing telehealth to insure patient's
311.599 Mental or physical examination of physician -- Effect of failure to
311.601 Adoption of administrative regulations.
311.602 Request to board for opinion on actions which might constitute
311.603 Immunity for official acts.
311.604 Clinical competency examination and skills assessment program --