Amendment 201 KAR 9:260

On November 15, 2017, the Kentucky Board of Medical Licensure completed its work on amending 201 KAR 9:260 to comply with 2017's HB 333, which was enacted by the Kentucky General Assembly and signed by Governor Bevin.  Due to this fact, the Board is pleased to announce the changes to the regulation are complete and now effective.  The Board would like to thank all of its licensees who provided public comment on the amendments to the regulation and for those who provided assistance in drafting the amendment. 

An updated copy of 201 KAR 9:260 is available by clicking here.  Physicians are strongly encouraged to review this information and become familiar with the changes in the regulation.  In addition to the amended regulation, you will find an updated summary of the 201 KAR 9:260 along with a listing of frequently asked questions about the changes for your consideration.