Verification / Duplicate ID

Verify License To Another State

The Kentucky Board of Medical Licensure website verification system is the official licensure site for licensees with an active Kentucky license. The Board does not accept written verification requests for routine verifications of active licenses.

To purchase verification of an inactive license, temporary license or fellowship training license, please contact Melinda Swinney by email or (502) 429-7930.

If you recently renewed your license, please allow two business days for completion of your renewal prior to purchasing a verification of license or duplicate id.


To purchase a verification of an active license/certificate, please follow the steps below. The fee for verification is $10.00. This system is compatible with Internet Explorer, Google Chrome and the Firefox browser. It is not compatible with the Safari browser.

  1. This system will verify all active licensees in the state of Kentucky with the exception of temporary licenses and fellowship training licenses.
  2. An official downloaded verification can be saved/printed upon completion of payment. Make certain you have the ability to save/print the download before purchasing the verification. You will have only one opportunity to save/print the verification. Once the download window is closed, the verification is no longer viewable.  Please note that KBML does not send the verification.  You will need to print and mail/email to the requesting agency.
  3. If the licensee has current disciplinary action, the current Order will be available to print immediately upon completion of payment. The page may load slowly if the Order has several pages. Previous actions taken by the Board can be obtained by submitting a written request pursuant to Chapter 61 of the Kentucky Opens Records Law directly to Tyra Johnson by email .
  4. To search an active license/certificate, enter either the last name or license number. Allied Health professionals will require the license number be entered using their identifying letters. (example PAXXXX, SAXXX)  You do not need to login for this option.
  5. Once the search results are displayed, click on "Purchase Verification" and proceed with entering your payment information.
  6. Once the payment is completed, a window will open with a link to view the verification download and if applicable a link to the disciplinary action. DO NOT close this window until you have saved/printed your verification. If you close the window, the download is no longer viewable.
  7. Please print this statement to send with your verification. This will alert the agency/Board that KBML no longer mails verifications.
  8. Click here to purchase a verification.

Duplicate Request for Wallet Card/Wall Certificate

To purchase a duplicate wallet card or wall certificate, you must hold a full active license/certificate as a physician, physician assistant, athletic trainer, surgical assistant or acupuncturist. The fee for a duplicate wallet card is $5.00 and the fee for a duplicate wall certificate is $10.00.

This system is compatible with Internet Explorer, Google Chrome and the Firefox browser. It is not compatible with the Safari browser.


  1. If you are requesting a duplicate wallet card or wall certificate due to a name change, please contact Dawn Beahl at (502) 429-7938 or before purchasing. Name changes cannot be completed online and must be processed by the Board prior to the purchase.
  2. Login using your Kentucky license number as your username and the last four digits of your social security number as your password. If your license begins with letters, all letters must be entered in the username field. (example PAXXXX)
  3. To purchase a duplicate id, choose the "products" option on the blue bar on the TOP RIGHT of the home screen.
  4. Select the option you wish to purchase and complete payment information.
  5. The link to save/print your duplicate id will show on your profile screen once you have completed payment. The link will be available for one day and can only be saved/printed one time.
  6. If you are printing a wall certificate, it is best to change the layout view to print orientation "landscape".
  7. If you are sending a copy of a duplicate wallet card to an agency/Board, please print this statement to send with the copy.
  8. Click here to purchase a duplicate id