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Genetic Counselor

If you have questions pertaining to information on this page, contact Dawn Beahl (502) 429-7938 or by email


Application For Genetic Counselor Licensure

The application for licensure can be viewed and printed here.  Please mail the completed application, fee and all related application items to the address below.

Kentucky Board of Medical Licensure
Attention: Dawn Beahl
310 Whittington Parkway, #1B
Louisville, KY 40222


Initial Application Fee $150
Renewal Fee $150
Reinstatement Fee $10

Kentucky Genetic Counselors Advisory Committee

Dave Bell, Louisville
Jaime Grund, Hebron
Joseph H. Hersh, M.D., Louisville
Elizabeth Reily, Lexington
Joyce Robl, Sadieville
Waqar A. Saleem, M.D., Louisville
Kathryn Platky Warren, Chair, Louisville

Statues and Regulations

Kentucky Revised Statutes - Chapter 311

KRS 311.690 Definitions for KRS 311.690 to 311.700.
KRS 311.691 Prohibition against practicing genetic counseling without valid license. 
KRS 311.693 Nonapplicability of KRS 311.690 to 311.700 to specified circumstances. 
KRS 311.695 Who may be licensed as genetic counselor - Temporary license. 
KRS 311.697 Expiration, renewal, and reinstatement of license.   
KRS 311.699 Powers of board regarding genetic counselors - Administrative regulations - Kentucky Genetic Counselors Advisory Committee Duties. 
KRS 311.700 Disciplinary actions regarding licenses.

Kentucky Administrative Regulations - KAR's

201 KAR 9:480. Fee schedule regarding genetic counselors.