KY Registration for Emergency System for Advanced Registration Volunteer Health Practitioner Expiration

The March 17, 2020 directive from the Cabinet for Health and Family Services, which instructed the Kentucky Board of Medical Licensure to accept and review licenses for volunteer health practitioners, has been rescinded effective July 23, 2021.    

Surgical Assistant Renewal

The link to renew your Surgical Assistant certification is now active.  To renew your certification, click here. 

Kentucky EPCS Mandate

​To view the Kentucky EPCS Mandate, please click here.

Kentucky COVID-19 Vaccine Resources

Kentucky Department for Public Health COVID-19 Vaccine Resouces​ can be viewed here.

Online Services-License Verification

The Kentucky Board of Medical Licensure's (KBML) purpose is to protect the public from any unauthorized practitioners. As a service to the public, we offer an online verification service that allows you to search and look up basic information regarding professionals licensed by the Board. This includes physicians, physician assistants, acupuncturists, athletic trainers and surgical assistants (see below).

Acupuncture Profile

Acupuncture Profile /
Licensure Verification

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Temporary Permit Verification

Temporary Permit Verification of Physician License

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Athletic Trainer Profile

Athletic Trainer Profile /
Licensure Verification

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Physician Assistant Profile

Physician Assistant Profile /
Licensure Verification

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Physician Profile

Physician Profile /
License Verification

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Surgical Assistant Profile

Surgical Assistant Profile /
Certification Verification

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Verification of Licensure/Certification for Licensees

All licensees are required to purchase a license/certificate verification. For more information, including instructions about verification and duplicate ID requests for wallet cards or wall certificates, Visit Verification / Duplicate ID.​

To purchase a verification for an active license, use our online verification system.  For inactive licenses, please contact Melinda Swinney at or (502) 429-7930.



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The Kentucky Board of Medical Licensure (KBML) is responsible for protecting the public by ensuring that only qualified medical and osteopathic physicians are licensed and initiating discip​linary action when viola​tions of the Medical Practice Act occur. In addition, the Board regulates the practice of Physician Assistants, Surgical Assistants, Athletic Trainers and Acupuncturists in the Commonwealth.

The Board is self-supporting and receives no general fund tax appropriations. It is funded solely through fees collected from its licensees.

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