Board Information

​The Kentucky Board of Medical Licensure (KBML) is open Monday through Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. (Eastern Time) except on state holidays.  You may reach the Board office by calling (502) 429-7150. The main fax number is (502) 429-7158.  The legal department fax number is (502) 429-7118.
The KBML office is located at
310 Whittington Parkway
Suite 1B
Louisville, KY 40222


Board Members 

Randel C. Gibson, D.O., President, Mayfield
William Briscoe, M.D., Vice-President, Corbin
Russell L. Travis, M.D., Secretary, Lexington
Tamella B. Cassis, M.D., Louisville 
Patrick R. Hughes, Esq., Crestview Hills
Michael E. Fletcher, M.D., Crestview Hills
Heidi M. Koenig, M.D., Louisville
John J. McConnell, Murray
Thangam Rangaswamy, Ph.D, Louisville
Waqar A. Saleem, M.D., Louisville
Dale E. Toney, M.D., Lexington
Hiram C. Polk, Jr., M.D., Frankfort
Boyd R. Buser, D.O., Pikeville
Robert S. DiPaola, M.D., Lexington
Toni M. Ganzel, M.D., Louisville


Staff Members 

Michael S. Rodman, Executive Director
Leanne Diakov, General Counsel
Sara Adair Farmer, Assistant General Counsel
Sandy K. Brooks, Office/Systems Manager
Jennie Woods, Secretary to Executive Director
Jill Lun, Legal Secretary
Bertha Wallen, Legal Secretary
Christina Check, Licensure Coordinator
Cheryl Tabler, Licensure Coordinator
Dawn R. Beahl, Surgical Assistant/Acupuncture Coordinator
Carolyn L. Reed, Investigations Coordinator
Terraz Dean, Reception/Verifications Coordinator
Michelle M. Humpich, Fiscal Officer
Teresa Kleinhenz, Physician Assistant, Athletic Trainer and CME Coordinator
John Lewis, Medical Investigator
Billy Madden, Medical Investigator
Jon Marshall, Medical Investigator
Stephen Manley, Medical Investigator
Kevin Payne, Medical Investigator