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Important Reminder about Requirement to Report Board Actions and Criminal Actions
The Board would like to alert physicians that according to KAR 9:081, every person licensed to practice medicine or osteopathy within the Commonwealth of Kentucky shall report to the board any criminal conviction or any disciplinary action taken or sanction imposed upon the person’s license in any state, within ten (10) days of the action.  For more information on this requirement, please click here.

​About Us​​​​​

​The Kentucky Board of Medical Li​censure (KBML) is responsible for protecting the public by ensuring that only qualified medical and osteopathic physicians are licensed and initiating disciplinary action when violations of the Medical Practice Act occur. In addition, the Board regulates the practice of Physician Assistants, Surgical Assistants, Athletic Trainers and Acupuncturists in the Commonwealth.

The Board is self-supporting and receives no general fund tax appropriations. It is funded solely through fees collected from its licensees.​

Our Online Services

The Board licenses physicians, physician assistants and athletic trainers as well as certifies acupuncturists and surgical assistants.  You can verify the license/certificate below.  Please use the left or right arrow in the picture below to scroll through the online services.


License Verifications

The KBML processes verification requests for any physician currently holding an active or inactive license. The charge for verification of licensure is $10.00.  Please forward your request for verification to Stephanie Simpson at

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To see our list of fees, visit our Physician Fee Schedule  page.​​​​